Osama Bin HAD IT

9 May

I try not to comment on these things but once again, all I see from our people are links to news interviews that prove that the US knew something, or this is some crazy conspiracy theory or this that or the other. Can we all come out and have the guts to protest what WE are doing wrong??? why do we ALL turn such a blind eye to everything that we are doing wrong??? why demand answers from people like Americans or anyone else because they actually have a system of checks and balances, how come we don’t have the guts to ask the same of our people and our leaders??? We have been spoiled by freedoms that we don’t even have and we demand justice in accordance to that from people who do enjoy such freedoms…how come we can understand from their point of view when its convenient to us???…just who the hell do we think we are??? We kill our own credibility…we demand fairness from other countries that we know are not even close to possible in our own, we hold people and countries responsible for our own shortcomings because we essentially exploit their thinking and their take on humanity….why don’t we have our own take humanity, why don’t we quit all this and start at home?? this is not the time to point fingers, this is overall good for the world, I don’t honestly care how it happened or even if he was already dead, but symbolically if hes dead then I am freaking ecstatic, because maybe, just maybe a 16 yr old kid will not symbolically blow himself up anymore.

Even though I doubt his death changes anything, because after all, killing the leader of the KKK doesn’t mean you will eradicate racism in America…I am still shocked that as educated as we are as a people, no matter what, in our hearts I am appalled to realize that we actually get defensive about the killing of this ass who has ruined our reputation and day to day lives on this planet.  If this guy represents what we all stand for then I think we are all seriously in trouble…Why do we come out to protest for rights when we haven’t proven our credibility. In a country like Pakistan where our beliefs are so diverse, we don’t have the guts to come out and protest against this and many other primitive ways of life that even Mr Bin Laden refused to live. We are all happily participating in Pakistan’s decline, we complain when we don’t look good enough, we participate to make ourselves look worse than average and we deny any association with a concept that makes us look like “typical” Muslims. We would all rather happily live in denial and participate in the decline of morals and the separation of classes. We are always the first to say, “yeah well not all Pakistanis are like that, come visit me sometimes, ill show you the real Pakistan, ill take you to the best parties you’ve ever seen.” I am sure we can all do that for our friends, but if that’s all we are offering, then wed better shut the heck up about having a real opinion, because that’s not all what we are.

When someone does finally have the guts to talk or insinuate towards this silent “self censorship”…we are banned from doing so.  As a people, can we finally decide if we want to be the fashion forward society that we pretend to be or do we want to be the fashion forward society that we are….it will take very little to be either but it will take a lot of guts to decide which side we want to portray ourselves to be on.  This man single-handedly drove how many young, intelligent, promising children to self destruction…yet he was hiding like a coward leading a very comfortable life!!!?…lets just believe that it wasn’t even him for a second….does that change anything? does it make you feel better that your son or your daughter is planning to blow themselves up any day soon or even worse, does it make you feel better that you spent your life giving them this education, this upbringing so they can grow up to be paranoid extremist idiots who screw it up for the rest of us who actually lead normal lives in a real global world???? Do you know the difference between an artistic kid who wants to be left alone to his room in your house or the kid who wants the same but is learning how to strap on the perfect bomb? Can you guarantee us that ur kid is the former??

Can we get over this fact of the US creating him? In no way does it justify the killings of innocent people no matter how reactionary it is…that’s like saying that it’s your fault if your child grows up to be a criminal, a serial killer or a mass murderer and that he’s justified in that…lets get over this well known fact about his creation and lets figure out why the hell do we as Pakistanis AGAIN have to walk around with shame in the world when most of us have done nothing but lead hard working lives as devoted citizens of not only Pakistan but of the various countries we reside in, leading responsible lives and, by God, trying to do the right thing.


That Was It

27 Jan


It’s been almost two years since Michael Jackson died…I am not going to talk about how I feel about what happened…but I know that I avoided all mentions of it and most of all watching the documentary “This Is It” like the plague. I did not want to watch it…I did not want to see his genius at work shortly before he died…I simply did not want to look at him and constantly think that “wow…he has no idea he is about to be ‘History’ .” Anyhow, I finally saw it tonight, and finally dealt with MY loss of Michael Jackson, as he meant something very different to each one of us.

He inspired all of us more than we know…kids that are born today in his absence will still grow up doing the Moonwalk…he will remain a legend and perhaps the only legend worthy of being called one. For me personally as a child, aside from obviously his music, he influenced me in the way I dress and not only because it looked cool but because of what I felt it represented. His Military gear.

Michael Jackson’s marching beats and military gear weren’t an ode to authority but an illustration of the importance of the so called authority to show up at 0800 “we need you to wake up” hours.

We can disguise soul dictatorship as democracy or we can actually have freedom and democracy of the people but we still assign authority to lead us and we will follow…we follow more than any authority will ever realize…we are followers…be it government or God…we are built to follow and to be lead…we dont want responsibility so we lay the blame on who is responsible…who we elect to be responsible…then we go on to establish an argument point based on that to seem righteous…we know between right and wrong, yet we let someone else be right or wrong on our behalf and only protest when they are wrong as if they were some God appointed Super Being. Those we appoint are only as human as we are.

We are all heading somewhere and we need a “Leader” to justify the itch in our souls to tell us that we are doing our part individually and fulfilling our duties, but we fail to realize that these trivial pursuits may relieve us of our itch temporarily but they will never cure our itch because we have only scratched the surface. Politics, religion and power sound like three different subjects but from the beginning of time have been so intertwined that we have created doctrines of denial to substantiate them.

Forgive people for the person they are…do not resent them because of the person you know you are. Its only fair to judge someone according to the limits of THEIR knowledge…not yours. We can have all the freedom in the world but we might as well be slaves if we just act like a herd of lambs…we allow them to lead, we decide who leads, we should know where we want to go once that is decided.

When Michael Jackson adorned that military gear, he was simply trying to tell us that authority doesn’t necessarily have to be such a debilitating, negative, overpowering FAILURE, that it can be: an unadulterated idea and that it can be the soul that delivers all of us to that epiphany that is tired of waiting to be realized. He did this through his music, his lyrics, through his dance and through his constant sacrifice of himself.  I truly believe that he wasn’t just an entertainer, but a messenger of good…and I know we have had messengers before but none like him that every generation in the future will relate to even after he is long gone. Its not going to be about what is written of him or his accomplishments or his message, its not going to be about heaven or hell, its not going to be about repentance or punishment, its not going to be about unknown wraths of this world or the supposed world hereafter…it is going to be about us… it is going to be real and it is going to be about the here and the now and the person we are supposed to be.

When you lose your soul, you cease to exist…our souls ceased to exist when we lost the last real human being on this planet, Michael Jackson. So from now on, lets elect to be “elected” and not “run” as a race. The world as it exists is a figment of our experiences and actions individually….each one of us can wake up tomorrow and change it by simply recalculating our complaints in life and deciding to remember it by what we did for ourselves not what someone didn’t do for us. We ARE the authority, lets be responsible with our choices and lets demand humanity…once we demand humanity, there is no way any one of us is going to be left unsatisfied or disappointed. Lets be human again and not just citizens.

Zara Tareen
Jan 27th 2011

“All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”

I used to be an Aquarius

27 Jan

I understand that it sucks that all of a sudden I cannot blame being an Aquarius for why I am so stubborn, caught up in fantasy, have a problem with authority, am solitude loving at the same time socially extravagant, tradition screwing yet culturally firm, funny as hell, sad as heaven, independent, emotionally dependent, restrained but outspoken, rare, fair, unrealistically real and most of all, right all the time…And I also scientifically respect why I am NOW forced to believe that I am still most of those things with a difference of a couple of degrees in the sky, a new astrological delusion called Ophiuchus and a week or so late in my birth for all of that to still be called a Cusp or for all of that to kiss my ass because now I am a Capricorn and it just makes a little bit more sense than it did before.

What I don’t understand is…instead of worrying about a magical “personality defining” alignment of stars at the time of our birth, why aren’t any of us wondering about or worried about the fact that the moon’s gravitational pull on earth, caused the freaking alignment of the stars to be all of a sudden get pushed by a whole goddamn month??? Do we really prefer to be a certain zodiac sign when the world comes to an end more than worrying about being boomeranged into never-ending space and crushed over and over again in a black hole like a rubber band that keeps stretching and stretching and feeling it every bit of the way but never being able to snap to relieve the pain of it all?

If thats not hell then I don’t know what is…BTW…congrats to all of you that got to keep your signs…you were born on such insignificant dates of your respective zodiac sign…that when this shift took place…you weren’t even important enough to be involved in it.

Now I understand why Ophiuchus was omitted all together in the first place…the snake snapped in two parts is too reminiscent of scientifically what would happen to a living thing after they were put through a delusional experiment in astrology or were forced to believe that there is no excuse…that even though our zodiac signs stroke our egos, we are all simply nothing but assholes in this black hole.

(because lets face it…ALL of our signs tell us that we are: strong, independent, creative, innovative, in touch with your emotions, unique, humanitarian, stand your ground yet self sacrificing, ahead of your time, trustworthy, trendsetter, thinker, and a leader….suggested careers: painter, politician, businessman, journalist, and again….humanitarian)


We The People of Facebook

27 Jan

This is something I wrote a long time ago and never put it up anywhere…this was before the flood in Pakistan and before anything that has happened in the past few months like the mosque at “Ground Zero”…but after seeing whats going on everywhere and some of the ridiculous things I’ve been seeing people defend or support or oppose or just simply state as a result of the current times, I had to post it finally.- Zara Tareen

Facebook has become a handy weapon for a silent war…we post articles, news tidbits and opinions on our walls while we reside in completely different circumstances, social realities and most obviously in different geographical locations…I’ve come to feel this nagging resentment growing towards people who once used to know and care for each other devoid of political/personal opinions…we were simply friends…we might not always hit the “comment” or “like” button in fear of losing those relationships…but because we just really don’t speak that much anymore is evidence enough of this silent drift between us.

Freedom of speech and self expression might be essential in order to be a democratic people which is inarguably be the ONE thing sought after the most in todays world. But for every person that asks for a certain freedom, there is always going to be another person who is going to feel that such an act will cause them to lose theirs.

Fly planes into buildings, get enraged at buildings of mosques, burn American Flags, burn Qurans, burn Bibles, single out Muslims, curse Christians, blame America, fight wars in God’s name, write sad songs but go home to your unadulterated lives, curse your own government, defend your religion to death, use it as an excuse to victimize yourself and then proceed to kill your own people at home for not agreeing with you on something completely unrelated. React to how you’ve been wronged by demonstrating the exact same behavior in protest??!!

Only if we could spend all this time not becoming a URL as a means of unloading our conscience and feel that we have done our part because hopefully enough people read it. Only if we could just see, ironically enough, that an Eye For an Eye has historically never solved anything. It has become more of an excuse to religiously justify unforgivable acts committed by all of us and to gather sympathies of people who don’t know any better in order to further our own political, personal and supposedly religious agendas.

That’s why it makes me wonder that even if we have such platforms like Facebook and all the freedoms that we so passionately desire, so arrogantly demand and most of the time, forcefully take; should we really ignore the fact that having such freedom defeats the whole purpose if we don’t respect what it means and most importantly to have the wisdom to know when and where to site and call for it?

Zara Tareen

September 8th 2010

“So, Right Speech is not just about morality, or even limited to wisdom teachings. It is also about Right Mindfulness and contemplative discipline, about identifying, labeling, and being mindful of thoughts — all of the ego’s chit-chat. We can, in fact use Right Speech as the bedrock and cornerstone of our entire moral and meditative practice, a complete “spiritual technology” in its own right.

May all beings be happy.May all beings be free from suffering.”-

Written by Fa Gong, OHY

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Taken from an article on www.hsuyun.org entitled “A Dharma Chat: Right Speech”

Photo from the same article